Piercing Services

* Piercings that can be done at an apprentice rate- please contact the studio for details.​

Children's Ears

How old does my child need to be?

We don't pierce people who aren't into getting pierced, for us that includes infants. We find at three or four a child can be excited, follow simple instructions and have developed enough ear lobe to support a piercing that will be less likely to shift as they grow.

Both at once? Yes!

We prefer to book in ear lobe piercings with two

trained professional piercers  who can both pierce and insert the jewellery in the same moment.

This helps keep the actual piercing experience quick and easy. Most children describe the feeling as "hot" rather than "painful".

We never use "guns" for piercing. All of our tools are sterilized at point of use and are fully disposable. Nothing is ever used from client to client.

Our implant grade jewellery is custom fit to leave an appropriate amount of room for cleaning and healing. 

On Piercing Our Daughter...

So a really wonderful thing happened today: we got to pierce our daughter.

Ella has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a year and a half, whenever the conversation came up we let her know that she could if she was ready. We spoke at length about needing to not touch them and how long it would be until they would heal, how we would help her with cleaning and that the actual piercings would feel hot.

Last night she decided it was time. Arlo jumped in and said he was ready too. Arlo, at three, is still having some accidents with using the potty, so he and I decided it would be a reward for using the potty confidently for two weeks straight.

This morning Ella asked again and we made plans to do it at the end of the day.

She and her dad picked out jewellery together. Pink titanium hoops. We sterilized them and went over the aftercare and then had her sign the paperwork promising she'd follow the instructions.

When it came time to do the actual procedure I didn't know how I, as a mother, would treat her, as a client. Would I do anything differently with my own child? I was surprised to find myself following the familiar routine of conversation and layout and marking I would with any other client. In that moment I realized that I have been doing this right my whole career, I treated this person, who happened to be my four year old daughter, with the same care and attention I do with all my clients.

It was beautiful, her father and I pierced her in tandem (as we do with all children's piercings). She listened to our instructions around breathing and had a moment when the tears might have come, but was quickly reassured by the words, actions and confidence we, her piercers, offered her. (Nennen holding her hand surely helped as well!)

She rocked!

Thank you Ella for trusting us with this big decision 

-Jenna Dittrich